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Skorne Immortals by cwalton73 Skorne Immortals by cwalton73
"Those skorne warriors preserved from oblivion by ancestral guardians sometimes receive bodies carved from stone and hardened clay, take up weapons heavier than any mortal could swing, and go forth to fight again as Immortals. They may die a hundred deaths only to have a new body crafted each time and rise again to stand alongside the living and wage war eternal. "

Haven't posted anything in a while, thought I'd upload these cats - its been a while since I did them and I was really happy with the sculpts. Just thought I'd come back and show 'em some love.
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AZ-RUNE Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011
Do you take commissions?
Pachycrocuta Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009
Going back through your gallery to look at technique, I really like these guys partly *because* their poses aren't all that active. So many of your concepts are full of motion and utterly cool, and having these bolt-upright very formally posed looking figures really makes them read as "animated construct" more than "kinda angular Skorne."
alexpal Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2008
Very cool armor, great postures. Alot of work and detail. :D
Stretch-Ink Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2008
I just assembled these guys last night. Great design work. I wish they'd used Alternate Head C for a few of the sculpts, though; I like the helmetless version. :(
Maxwrench86 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2007
Very nice, great as always.
khador-bear Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2007
Ahhh... so YOU designed my favorite Skorne unit. I'm not surprised, Chris. Can't wait to get these puppies in January. Also interested to see what you drew up for Legends... even though I have a few ideas. :)
RougeGunner Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2007
And this is where my old Iron Kingdoms character might say: "Then I'll just kill them a thousand and one times."

Seriously, great stuff.
Dstinct Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2007  Professional Artist
Do you collect the figs that you work on? Do you paint any of them? If you had the time, you should go back and edit your sketches with a little thumbnail of the final cast pieces for comparison.

Great job!

Vladimir89 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2007
Good job ;)
CurseReaper Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2007
Definitely my favorite Skorne models.
And on the subject of concept sketches, I got my new Pirates book yesterday. I love all the new art in there ^__^
TheCommittee Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2007
^_^ awesome creature design! love the armor details
Angryaeisia Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2007
Love your work, amazing stuff :)
WillCaligan Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2007
Bro you are a design fiend. Nice one.
Mylakovich Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2007
Awesome, I like the unified look of the Skorne armor, and the stylized chins. They appear to be an idealized version of a warrior that a Skorne sculptor would create.

Very cool.
fdiskart Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Dude, this is BAD ASS! I love the armor design, great use of layers there. This is just a flat out outstanding design all around, sir. It's always a treat to see you've posted something.
Pillow-Mint Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2007
Weird. I'm watching the making of 300 and it started talking about the imortals as soon as I clicked this :)
Murasaki99 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
Nice work! They look singularly humorless... of course the Skorne themselves aren't exactly a laff riot. I wonder if they could be defeated by a 12th level comedian? :D
Galius Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
dude that is cool
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December 26, 2007
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