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May 1, 2008
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Captain Jeremiah Kraye by cwalton73 Captain Jeremiah Kraye by cwalton73
"Even before refining his warcasting talents, Kraye earned a reputation as a recklessly daring scout both for his many exploits behind enemy lines and for arriving at the right time and place to lead flagging defenders to sudden victory. Kraye prefers to strike against an exposed flank or to harass an enemy's reinforcements, and he instills his 'jacks with unprecedented mobility and crushing momentum. "

This dude was FUN to do! I always chomp at the bit to design new warcasters (HA! Get it?...I'm done...), but this guy was just plain awesome to do. And his play style is totally unique...hehe...God, I'm a tease...:P
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OokamiRoukan113 Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
duuuuuuuuuude! i like his hat! (ok i lied i love this pic every single detail is just amazing . . . but that hat i want one! >_<)
i love his steampunk/civil war soldier look! :tighthug:=D
Keep up the good work :clap:;)
this is a pretty perfect steampunk character concept. might I asked what this was done for?

A Steampunk Adventure RPG
=>Official Forums<=
The company that I work for creates toy soldiers and wargame rules for a setting called the Iron Kingdoms. I draw the concept art that the sculptors reference to create the miniatures.

Here's a link:

is that a pure tabletop-game? and how far is your company involved in that project? Are you exclusively producing miniatures for that game or are you producing for other games, too?
We produce two tabletop games set in the same game world, as well as a card game, and an RPG. Unfortunately the RPG was for D&D 3.5, but the source material is still all great!
hmmm the thing is, I am currently looking for someone who I could work together with in order to produce the miniatures for my steampunk rpg. But I guess your working exclusevly, right?
Wow.. I got a sneak peak of this guy... needless to say I'm now torn between getting him for a cygnar army and cryx for the lovely new unit they are getting
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